Project Timeline

What you will do and when!

You will be able to take part in the Explore University project when you reach Y5 at school. You won't be doing anything with us until October, so you will already be 1 month in to your Y5 work. Here's a timeline covering the TWO YEARS you'll spend with us and what you will be doing when and where... let the fun and learning begin...

October Y5

You will be either 9 or 10 years old in Y5 at school and during one day in October your local university will pay you a visit at your school. They will come in for half a day and guess what, you won't have normal school lessons during this time. Instead, the university will tell you all about themselves and will lead some fun class activities to get you really learning about universities and what's to come in the project... it is highly likely that you'll get to play with Lego during our half day visit.

November Y5

Just a few weeks after we visited your school, you will get to spend a whole day at a university! You will get to go on a coach, which will take you to a university close to your school. You may get to spend over an hour on this coach before you reach your destination. Once you arrive at the University you'll have a fun packed day ahead of you including looking around the campus, taking part in fun activities and learning all about the courses the university offers. At around 2.30 you will get back on the coach and head back to your school ready to go home and to tell everyone all about your amazing trip out... be careful not to make them too jealous!

January Y6

I'm afraid after your fun day with us in November you won't be seeing us until you reach Y6 at school. This will mean you are now either 10 or 11 years old! It may seem quite a long time to wait, but it's well worth it! In January time we will come in to your school again for another half day of fun and learning. This time, because you will now know what a university is, we will be talking to you about the types of careers you can have when you're a grown up, after you've gone to university.

June Y6

You'll wait 5 months until you see us next, and you'll nearly be ready to leave primary school to go to secondary school! Don't worry about the wait however, because this is the SUPER FUN PART of the project. You will get to go on that coach again, which will take you to your local University. You will be spending not only the day here, but also the early evening. In the day you will take part in activities that teach you about the courses that that university offers, you will then have a sit down meal, which will then lead on to some evening entertainment... most likely a disco, so you'll need your dancing shoes!