Project Timeline

What you will do and when!

We will begin working with your Y5 classes and they will carry on in the project until the end of Y6. The timeline below covers the events of the two year period.

Pre October

Parental/carer consent forms and project participation contracts needs to be signed and returned to your partner university before the project can begin.

October Y5

The beginning of the school year finds us working with your Y5s at the school during one day in October. Your partner university will come to the school for half a day and will lead a 'What is a University' classroom based session with the Y5 classes, as well as getting the pupils to fill out initial pre-attitudinal surveys.

November Y5

Just a few weeks after we visited your school, your Y5 pupils will get to spend a whole day at a university alongside other Y5 pupils from other participating schools! Your university will provide and pay for the coach transport. Once you arrive at the university the pupils will have a fun packed roadshow day ahead of them including looking around the campus, taking part in educational activities and learning all about the courses the university offers. The day will end at around 14.30 where the coaches will take everyone back to the school.

January Y6

The start of the New Year sees us starting work with your Y6 pupils. Your partner university will visit the school again for another half day. This time, the classroom based session will be around careers from university courses, as well as another project survey.

June Y6

This is the big one! This is the point that your Y6 pupils will visit your partner university for a summer schools. This will involve the pupils being with us for a whole day and early evening (end time 19.00) so that they can experience what university life is really like. The day will include a campus tour, educational activities, a sit down evening meal and a disco. Again, your partner university will provide and pay for the coaches for this visit and all of the food costs. The school will never have to pay for anything during the entirety of the project. Like the Y5 roadshow in November, this summer school will be for two partner schools within the project.

"I'm definitely going to come to university when I'm older!"

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